It’s a Grind Coffee House

2016 Winter Campaign

When we received the creative brief for this campaign, it was kind of a mess. The marketing director knew she wanted a “cartoony look” with white space, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. The demographic for It’s a Grind is males 18 – 34, so I came up with a comic-book, Lichtenstein-type look and she fell in love with it. It’s fun and bright and brings one out of the winter blues with its pops of half-tone color dots and whimsical thought bubbles. I mirrored the half-tone color dots with the “explosion” of whole beans behind the bag for another playful element.

With the New Year come New Year’s Resolutions so I was tasked with making a “skinny” drink for the Guilt-Free Menu counter card. I not only gave the drink an hour-glass figure, but also highlighted the shape with the half-tone color dots behind it to emphasize the shape and make the drink pop against the white background.